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Kelly Rodriques CEO, Iseehear Inc. Life Sciences

SoftMouse.NET is a multi-level secured, cloud-based animal data platform that serves the global research community, including Biotech companies, Breeding Cores, Animal Facilities, and individual Laboratories.

SoftMouse.NET can:
- Replace spreadsheets holding animal data, genotyping, breeding schemas, research data and workflows
- Reduce costs and data discrepancies by generating reports of real-time statistical information about animal counts, protocol limits, lineage and family trees
- Refine studies planning and execution in compliance with national and international regulations
SoftMouse.NET offers flexible packages rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

RapID Lab

Jared Kazanovicz, Senior Account Executive

RapID Tags are humane, automated, and cost effective ear tags that provide fast and accurate identification for lab animals. The 2-D barcode scans instantly while providing millions of unique IDs while the multiple colors allow for immediate secondary visual identification. RapID Tags are minimally invasive and are even MRI and autoclave compatible.

Amanda Savidge, Account Executive
Steve McCoy, Head of Sales

LabVoice is an AI-powered digital assistant designed to revolutionize in vivo and vivarium operations through hands-free data collection. It streamlines workflows for all team members, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in routine tasks and complex procedures alike.

Smart Colony Management
an Iseehear Life Sciences Integration