About Smart Colony Management

About Smart Colony Management

Smart Colony Management data management applications and services serve as your bridge between good data management practices, good colony management, and reproducible research methods. Our goal is to help you interact with your rat / mouse data to analyze performance, gain new insights and make informed decisions.

To do this, the Smart Colony Management team works to understand the unique needs of researchers, technicians and veterinarians, so that we can help you optimize and improve how you manage your colony data.

Our data management experts are experienced with a wide array of data structures as well as user workflows, including animal handling, genotyping, complex breeding systems and experimental design, all of which allows us to deliver the best solutions to you.

The core focus of Smart Colony Management is to:
  • Understand the IT needs and requirements of Breeding Core and Animal Facility clients that when implemented would lead to increased efficiency and productivity in their workflow processes
  • Build on-going and collaborative partnerships with technicians, vets, managers, PI's who are interested in implementing cost-effective Information Technology (IT) solutions in the Breeding Core or Animal Facility
  • Develop, maintain, support and host configurable software and database tools that work together to improve data acquisition, analysis, searching, access, sharing and overall data management
  • Deliver excellent customer service and offer a customizable suite of products that meet the needs of our end users

Smart Colony Management is a division within Iseehear Inc.